NameDepartmentTitlePhone Number
Brenda CliftonRestorationRestoration Ecologist(360) 391-7405
Casey Ruff Salmon RecoveryDirector of Harvest Management(360) 466-7224
Curt Veldhuisen Forest and FishProgram Director/Hydrologist(360) 770-5372
Devin Smith RestorationSenior Restoration Ecologist(360) 391-1984
Eric Beamer ResearchResearch Director(360) 708-8540
Eric Mickelson RestorationRestoration Ecologist(360) 770-5312
Greg Hood ResearchSr. Research Scientist(360) 855-8003
Gus SeixasForest and FishWatershed Scientist(360) 399-5526
Jade Luckhurst Salmon RecoveryField Operations Manager(360) 466-7228
Janette Crume-Centeno AdministrationAdministrative Assistant(360) 466-7228
Jason Boome ResearchFisheries Technician(360) 466-7228
Jeff Meyer AdministrationFinance Director(360) 466-1092
Josh Demma ResearchField Biologist(360) 503-9686
Kate Ramsden RestorationGIS and Data Specialist(360) 391-3107
Leonard Rodriguez ResearchFisheries Technician(360) 466-7228
Marcie Haase AdministrationAccountant(360) 466-7370
Matt EtringerRestorationField Coordinator(360) 399-8799
Mike Olis Forest and FishFish Biologist(360) 708-2809
Nora Kammer Forest and FishForest and Fish Scientist(360) 391-8472
Stan Walsh Environmental ServicesEnvironmental Services Manager(360) 466-1512
Steve Hinton RestorationRestoration Director(360) 391-1354
Tim Hyatt Environmental ServicesEnvironmental Protection Ecologist(360) 466-7308