The Skagit River System Cooperative (SRSC) in partnership with Skagit County is soliciting bids from qualified contractors to construct a fish habitat restoration project on Illabot Creek in Skagit County, Washington.  It will be constructed as three projects that will be bid and contracted separately as described below.

The deadline for all three bid submissions is 2:30 pm on Monday January 29th.


1.Illabot Creek Alluvial Fan Restoration/ Bridge Construction.  This project will construct two new bridges on Rockport-Cascade Road.  Activities include removal of an existing culvert, construction of a new channel for Illabot Creek beneath the proposed structures within the Skagit County right-of-way, installation of two new pre-cast concrete girder single-span bridges with spread footing foundations, installation of scour protection in the form of rip-rap, improvements to the roadway approaches on either side of and between the bridges and other work.  This project is owned by Skagit County, will be a contract with Skagit County, and will take place entirely within the Skagit County right-of-way.

Click here for Alluvial Fan Restoration/ Bridge Construction bid information (note: bid information for this portion of the project is on Skagit County’s website).


2. Illabot Creek Construction Detour. This project consists of constructing and demolishing the detour road that is to serve as a bypass for the bridge construction. This construction detour project is owned by Skagit River System Cooperative (SRSC), will be a contract with SRSC and will take place mostly outside of the Skagit County right-of-way.

Click here for Construction Detour bid Information.


3. Illabot Creek Channel Restoration, Phase 2.  This project will complete habitat restoration work on Illabot Creek upstream and downstream of Rockport-Cascade Road. Activities include removing large portions of a flood control dike, excavating two pilot channels, installing log structures, flood fences, and boulder weirs in Illabot Creek and the newly excavated channels, and other work.  All work shall be in accordance with the attached Contract Plans, Contract Provisions, and the Standard Specifications. This project is owned by SRSC, will be a contract with SRSC and will take place outside of the Skagit County right-of-way.

Click here for Illabot Creek Channel Restoration bid Information.