Road fill removed from a crossing.
Road fill removed from a crossing.


The Sauk Prairie Fish Passage Restoration Project is located on a conservation parcel owned by The Nature Conservancy near Darrington. The purpose of this project was to remove undersized culverts that prevented fish passage at three stream crossings, two of which drain into Sauk Prairie Slough and one that drains into Dan Creek Slough. These streams provide habitat primarily for coho salmon and cutthroat trout. SRSC managed the project and hired a local contractor to do the work. The undersized culverts were removed and no new culverts were installed in their place; instead the crossings were left open as natural stream channels in which the natural grade of the channels and their sideslopes were maintained. Additional road fill material was also removed from the Dan Creek Slough crossing. Following construction, several open areas near the Sauk River were planted with conifers to improve riparian habitat.

Project Status/Timeline
This project was completed in the fall of 2005.

Primary Project Contact
Devin Smith – Senior Restoration Ecologist

Funding Sources
The Nature Conservancy